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Corvette C5 Mod Ideas

Posted by James H. on 9/12/2013 to C5 Corvette
No other vehicle personifies the American sports car quite like the Chevrolet Corvette. From its inception in 1953, the Corvette has evolved into an impressively powerful sports car that can easily run with and even run other sports cars twice its price. Today, the storied name brings reverence from fans and respect from rival manufacturers. 

Notable for being perhaps the boldest evolution of the breed, the C5 Corvette moved away from the sharp, angular themes that dominated its styling since 1984. From the start, the C5 Corvette was designed to be revolutionary from the inside out. From its hydro-formed box frame to its 345-horsepower 5.7-liter LS1 eight-cylinder engine, every aspect of this marvelous performance car is designed to create a breathtaking driving experience for anyone behind the wheel.

The best thing about owning a Corvette is having access to literally thousands of aftermarket parts from which owners can customize their vehicles to their hearts’ content. Many of these parts are designed to enhance the performance aspect of the C5 Corvette while others focus on modifying the legendary sports car’s overall aesthetics. No matter which parts you choose, you can be sure that each addition bring your vehicle closer to your desired ideals.

For instance, the C5 Corvette LED Taillights Kit enhances both the look and safety of your vehicle by offering a feature now common on most performance vehicles of today. Each DOT-approved light in this kit features 25 ultra-bright LED lights that are designed to grab the attention of both fellow motorists and onlookers. These taillights are also direct replacements for your C5 Corvette’s factory equipment - all you have to do is unscrew and unplug your stock lights, plug in your new lights and you're good to go.

The C5 Corvette Hurst Short Throw Shifter rewards you with a clean, crisp shifting experience. Designed for manual equipped Corvettes, this positive throw shifter is much quicker and shorter than stock, giving you faster 0-60 and quarter-mile times. A CNC Machined 6061 T-6 billet aluminum mounting base and heat-treated billet steel gear selector provides absolute quality while allowing the installation of both stock and aftermarket shift knobs and boots for an improved appearance.

With the GM-licensed C5 Corvette Carbon Fiber Brake Caliper Cover Set, you can give your Vette’s brakes an entirely new look with minimal hassle and no special tools required. Made from high-quality 6061-T6 Aerospace Aluminum, these caliper covers reduce brake dust while giving your calipers a carbon fiber-like appearance. The CORVETTE lettering is also engraved into each cover for authenticity.

The 1997-2004 C5 Corvette Underhood Mirror Display is perfect for car shows and other venues where you want to display your C5 Corvette’s magnificent LS1 engine in all its glory. Laser cut mirror acrylic gives this underhood mirror display a beautiful and durable finish. Each mirror also comes available with the model year of your Corvette on the surface. Thanks to the supplied double-sided tape, installation only takes seconds.

These parts are just a small sampling of the thousands available for the C5 Corvette. A sports car of this caliber deserves nothing less.

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