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Driving Right Into the Spotlight: the Corvette

Posted by Bryan on 4/11/2013
Corvette's are driven by proud owners who love that their ride makes them stand out from a crowd. That's part of the point of driving the world's edgiest sports car. That's part of the point of driving the world's edgiest sports car.

With that being said, many vette drivers find that their C4 Corvette just isn't unique enough right off the showroom floor. They're all made from the same mold when left at stock and while there are a few exceptions to the rule, most C4 corvette owners find themselves happy to add a few C4 corvette parts and accessories. A new set of dual chrome tipped pipes in the back, a new stretch fit bra in the front to contrast the color. There are many accessories to choose from, meaning that both the bold and conservative vette driver's can find their fill of top quality C4 corvette parts and accessories.

Used C4's are often in need of some love along with their customization, which can be accommodated easily. If you need new corvette letters for the back or some new fender stripes, no problem!

Fixing up your old vette isn't the only thing to do though, as there are plenty of C4 corvette parts and accessories that are just for fun. Some of my favorites are those painted C4 louvers taillights, the travel buddy cup and the front spoiler with air ducts to help streamline your trips even more.

Prevention should never be shoved out the window either, especially if you've already spent a ton getting your old c4 back into shape. Once you've got your vette in tip top shape, it's time to apply preventative parts like turn signal protectors and neoprene seat covers in matching colors.

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