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Essential Car Care Products for the Garage

Posted by Josh on 12/23/2013 to C5 Corvette
When you purchase a car, especially a showy sports car, it is important to keep your investment protected and maintained. To make short work of this process, keep essential car care items on hand at all times. Choose products that correspond to the specific needs of your vehicle. However, there are certain products that are important to keep in your garage no matter what make and model you drive. 

Even if you keep your car in the garage, it is important to keep it covered to protect it from debris. Garages are typically dusty, dirty rooms, and you do not want your beautiful car to be exposed to the grime. Car covers are sold for a variety of models, but they all do well in protecting your vehicle. Keep a spare cover around, just in case your primary cover gets a tear or needs cleaning.

Keep your car's stainless steel parts in pristine condition by purchasing a stainless steel polishing kit. Use the buffing compounds, polish and maintenance cloths to preserve your exhaust tips and other steel parts. Place one cloth in your car for touch-ups on the go, and keep another in your garage for everyday stainless steel cleaning.

Mat protectors keep the original floor mats in your vehicle clean and safe from spills and dirt. It is not necessary to keep these mat protectors in your car at all times. Simply keep them in your garage for when you take your car out for a drive. 

The best way to ruin your car is not taking care of it. Take the time to give your vehicle the love and attention it needs by keeping your garage stocked with car care products. Start with purchasing the basics, then expand your collection to include nonessentials. Treat your car with care, and enjoy it for years to come.

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