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Ford Mustang: Nothing Like It

Posted by Melissa on 7/22/2013 to Ford Mustang
Driving a Ford Mustang offers exciting muscle car performance at a competitive price. Ford Mustangs posses a powerful engine that ranges from a base V6 to a breathtaking supercharged V8. People know and agree that the Ford Mustang offers power, class, precision, and style all rolled into one amazing car.

All Mustang models come with a six speed manual transmission. The V6 and Mustang GT models are available in both manual and six speed automatic. Those that have driven a Ford Mustang report that the transmission has impeccable timing. Compared to other cars in the Ford Mustang’s class it is head and shoulders above the rest in agility. A Mustang is able to cruise comfortably at high speeds with no effort at all. The suspension is great ensuring that all the small bumps and holes in the road are soaked up without causing discomfort.

The interior of a Ford Mustang is equally as impressive as what is underneath the hood. The dash is very well built with high quality materials and offerings. The Mustang’s doors and windows open and close seamlessly with a sleek design. Unlike many muscle cars that have absolutely no seating space in the back, the Ford Mustang offers plenty of leg and head room for backseat passengers. There are numerous electronic amenities on the interior aimed at making the car ride that much more enjoyable.

There is no feeling quite like driving down the road on a sunny day in a Ford Mustang with the top down. The wind blowing and the sun shinning make for an absolutely enchanting afternoon.

The Ford Mustang sets itself apart as the absolute highest in quality and performance in muscle cars.

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