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High-performance Parts for Corvettes and Mustangs

Posted by Josh on 11/13/2013 to C5 Corvette
Mustang enthusiasts admire the automobile's combination of style and muscle. The Mustang cruises through American highways and always seems to demand attention due to its grace. To improve the comfort and safety of your Mustang GT, the RTR front chin spoiler with splitter is recommended. The spoiler is made of urethane, which resists the daily abuse the Mustang endures on the road. Recommended safety features include the front end parking assist sensor and the lower front fascia with fog lights. It is paramount not to ignore safety when driving a powerful muscle car like the Mustang.

Even if you are driving an older model Corvette, it is important to invest in modern parts and accessories to keep your car in the best shape. The Chevrolet Corvette has been a part of American pop culture since the 1950s and the car still turns heads and attracts attention at intersections all over the United States today. To create a more robust riding experience, adding interior accessories like the embroidered slip seat covers is always a worthwhile purchase. Preserving the beauty of your Corvette helps retain its timeless value. If you drive your Corvette during the colder months of winter, all-weather tires are recommended for improved performance. In addition to this, cold air intake paired with a high performance power coupler increases the horsepower of the Corvette. 

Fans of the muscle car often opt for the Mustang, while Chevy enthusiasts seek the Corvette. Regardless of your personal preference, parts and accessories are available for both models. Interior upgrades are recommended to retain the value and cosmetic appeal of your vehicle. Seat covers and leather door wraps and pads provide unmatched protection for your car's interior. The overall performance of your vehicle can also be upgraded with the correct parts. Three major factors should be considered when purchasing a part for your Mustang or Corvette: performance, safety and cosmetic appeal.

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 High-performance Parts for Corvettes and Mustangs

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