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How Brake Calipers Add Detailed Beauty to Your Corvette

Posted by Joe on 7/24/2013 to C5 Corvette
It's a subtle effect, but then again, subtleties can make quite a difference. Go back and listen to Stayin' Alive by the Beegees. It's not the looped drum beat or the flat electric guitar or the white-boy falsetto which make this song so funky fresh. Hiding in the background is a strummed acoustic guitar, and it makes all the difference. Go ahead, listen. Never noticed that before, did you?

It makes sense that most car manufacturers don't flare up their calipers much by default. You need your brakes to work, but most people are looking at your rims, not what's behind them. But look at any serious muscle car. No, closer than that. See that little red gleam on the Corvette? Those are brake caliper covers, and they're actually pretty slick.

Chances are, yours are a dull grey, blocky and utilitarian. They toil towards their particular purpose like a plain peasant, unworried about fashion or romance, beauty or dreams. But you, my friend, are no peasant. You know better than to accept things as they come, or you probably wouldn't be on this site. This is an opportunity to outwit the Joneses you may or may not be trying to keep up with. This is a detail they overlooked.

When you step out of your car with a set of new Brembos looking like a pair of color-coordinated brass knuckles, your colleagues will first flinch with an unidentified sense of intimidation and then ask if you got a haircut. Meanwhile, the expert of the group will stand in the background with her arms crossed, smiling with approval. You've done well, young master. You've learned that simple pleasures are the best.

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