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How a Curb Alert Bumper Warning Protection System Can Save You Money

Posted by Technical Support User on 11/9/2013 to C5 Corvette
A curb alert bumper system alerts the driver when the vehicle gets too close to a curb, and also helps prevent front-end damage. The system is calibrated to alert you when you are anywhere from 8 to 28 inches from the curb. A small sensor installed on the bumper uses infrared technology to let you know when you are getting too close. It powers on when the vehicle is started, so there is no need to worry about it draining your battery. This easy-to-install system requires no drilling and is easy to remove. 

Curb alert bumper systems are well worth the initial investment because of the amount of money they save. When you hit the curb in a car that sits low to the ground, the damage sometimes costs upwards of $1000 to repair, especially if you drive a sports car that requires expensive parts. Even repairing scratches and scuff marks is costly when you want to keep your car in showroom condition. 

If you are looking for an easy way to avoid the most common cause of front end damage to your car, invest in a curb alert system. These systems are extremely easy to install and calibrate, and they can save you thousands of dollars on vehicle repairs. They are also very discreet, so they do not detract from the appearance of your vehicle.

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