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Symptoms of the Most Common Sports Car Part Failures

Posted by Josh on 12/23/2013
Part failure on sports cars can take a variety of forms. It might be the quick failure of a faulty part or the slow failure of an aging part. Some of the most common parts to fail on sports cars include brakes, clutches, transmissions, tires and suspension systems. Some models have more specific issues. The most common symptoms of clutch issues are slippage and pedal travel. However, the latter is not always indicative of clutch failure, so keep an eye out for the other issues. 

The most common symptom of brake failure is a squealing sound as the brakes are depressed. This is a result of brake-pad wear indicators coming in contact with the rotor. Other possible causes include worn rotors or brake dust.

Tire issues can cause symptoms such as shaking, vibration or even a humming sound. Check the tread on your tires for common wear patterns. You might need an alignment or tire rotation. Suspension problems often manifest themselves in wandering, difficulty controlling motion and sometimes vibration. Suspension problems are particularly common on C4 Corvettes. Wandering can also be a result of tire problems.

Transmission problems are most common with automatic transmissions, and the symptoms can include loss of gears, slipping and noise. 

Sports cars are high performance machines that require high performance parts such as those available from RPI Car Parts. Keep your sports car in top condition by purchasing and installing only quality parts. Watch out for aftermarket parts from less reputable parts shops, and always have them installed by a qualified mechanic.

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