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Upgrading Your Sports Car for Improved Performance

Posted by Josh on 11/6/2013 to C5 Corvette
While you might invest in a sports car for its aesthetic appeal, chances are good that you are equally as interested in its performance. To squeeze as high a level of performance as possible out of your ride, it is important that you outfit your car with upgrades. Products such as advanced air filters, exhaust systems, gaskets, MAT systems and the like boost your car to its peak level of performance. 

While your car's air filter probably seems like a fairly innocuous piece of equipment, it is actually critical to performance. The filter must let as much air as possible pass to the engine for combustion while blocking as much particulate matter as possible. Buying an advanced air filter shifts the balance of this equation in your favor.

Aftermarket exhaust systems are a simple way to boost your car's power. By eliminating bends and kinks in the piping to increase the flow rate, these systems allow your car to rid itself of exhaust more quickly. The result is a noticeable boost in horsepower.

Leaking engine gaskets rob your car of its power and are actually capable of causing a great deal of damage within the engine block. A worst-case scenario is a crack in the block itself. To forestall this type of issue, make sure that you have quality gaskets in place, either aftermarket or original stock.

Many sports cars, such as Corvettes, come with their stock MAT sensor systems in areas of high heat. This system is integral in your car's computation of the air and fuel mixture to use for optimum combustion. Purchasing a MAT sensor relocation kit allows you to move the sensors to a cooler area, which leads to more accurate information and more power. 

If you are interested in boosting your sports car's performance, upgrading your parts is the best solution. Upgrades are possible in many areas, but many have a common theme: boosting horsepower. While these upgrades are fairly affordable, there are plenty of more expensive options if you have the money to spend; consider a nitrous oxide kit or a performance ECU chip.

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